18 Cops Suspended After Murder Accused Shot Dead Inside Courtroom In UP

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Latest reports reaching the Uttah Pradesh media house is the suspension of eighteen policemen after a murder suspect was killed within the confinement of a courtroom a day earlier in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor. The accused, charge with the crime of killing two people got shot dead by three individuals right in the middle of the court. Unfortunately, a court staff and ex-police office were also reported to have being casualties from the chaos and are currently battling for their lives in the hospital. According to investigations carried out, the shooting began when the prisoner, Shahnawaz Ansari, appeared before the Chief Judicial Magistrate at the Bijnor district court. The armed killers were reported to have took out their guns and shot at the suspect before proceeding to make a run before they were taken down and arrested by police officers within the court yard. The shooting was reported to have being very intense that everyone within the courtroom, including the presiding judge and other court staffs had to duck for cover. A live lawyer witness, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that everyone present in the court had to scamper and carefully hide from the sporadic bullets flying around.  
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In his words, the advocate was quoted saying, – “I was inside the court. A client of mine had a bail application. Suddenly these three men stared shooting. We ducked for cover behind any shield we could find while staying low on the ground. I even saw a policeman take a bullet. We just took a dive to the floor and stayed there till the cops rescued us. I think it was all very filmy.” In further clarity, the suspected murderer that was shot, Shahnawaz Ansari was accused to have carried out the double killing of one, Haji Ahsan Khan, a politician from the Bahujan Samaj Party politician and his nephew on the 29th of May, 2019.
The deceased were said to have been shot dead in their work place by two armed gunmen in Bijnor’s Najibabad town. Before then, Mr. Ahsan was said to have being the favorite to contest under the Bahujan Samaj Party’s for the state’s assembly seat while his co-murdered nephew was a party worker too. Initially, growing tenders flying around accredited their deaths to be politically motivated but, local police report have since countered the claim and affirmed it to business rivalry. Furthermore, since the murder of the accused and chaos caused within the courtroom in Bijnore, the Uttar Pradesh Police have recently announced the suspension of 18 police officials. Granting an interview to IANS, a senior Bijnore Police source affirmed this claim. However, as rhe the time of this report, no much information have been given concerning the dismissed officers neither has anything being said about the involvement in the crime. Be that as it may, we believe that subsequent days would provide answers to pending questions flying around.

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